The Local Tea Party

The pen is mightier than the sword and all ok, but don't try to fight with a pen. Otherwise there will be ink all over you.

Maths. Physics. Chemistry. Biology. Computer Science, especially BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN and all the other nonsense you studied. Are you using any of these subjects in your real life? No na? You tell me one time, just one time where you have used trigonometry after the board exam?

Arey, in the school only the teacher was killing us. Now you also started. If you are not using any other subject from school in real life means, why history alone you are clinging on to it like a baby monkey?

Agreed boss, history is important for us to remember and all. But why so much importance you are giving to previous centuries I don’t understand.

Best is the political fellows. Suddenly they will remember some chapter in history and they will say ki “Arey! This is not the ‘original’ name of the place! First let me change it back to its historic name.” Mental or what?

Along with history only they taught us Civics. Come on tell me the Preamble of the Constitution? What? Constitution has a Preamble? Like that you will ask.

Historically, we are monkeys. Then walking around naked. Then doing unmentionable things in the public places. Then only farming business. You want to go back and do any of these things? No na? Then?

What you think? All our forefathers were concerned by the history or what? They didn’t think like that and all.  If they thought like that means why they invented clothes? We can still wear leaves na? That only is our “historic” dress right? (I know what you are thinking. No no, without any dress, it will uncomfortable in front the opposite gender people.)

Boss, they didn’t think about the future only. If they thought about future means why they put dirty sculptures in the temples? Didn’t they know that in the future kids will come and look at them and ask nonsense questions to their mothers? If they thought about future means why they put that hole in the ozone? If they didn’t think about future, why we should think about their history I ask?

"Ashoka planted trees all along the road"…still you are reading this and getting fooled? History means starts with Ashoka The GREAT (?!) and ends in 1947 is it? Who will read 1947 to 2011? Bloody.

Boss, read history, nothing wrong. But use it to study IAS (Mains) exam. Get good marks and get settled in life. And let others live peacefully.

Why you want to take that history book and tie yourself around with it only I am not getting. If you keep doing only what is there in the history books, how you will enter the history books? Bloody you are interested in everybody else creating history, but you don’t want to create anything is it? Sachin creates history, scientists create history, Anna Hazare creates history…all nonsense gossip stories you will sit and talk. But you will not go out and do one thing that is different from others.

Instead, you are coming and preaching about “good old days” nonsense to all of us here and ask us lay eggs reading history. You are living in the present means live according to present times. That’s all.

"Historically we are this, historically we are that" what kind of nonsense is this? Historically we are all amoeba, you know that? So you will crawl on the roads like amoeba is it?

See even the United Nations itself given warning to all of us. They went and told Bolivia ki, boss, historically you may have chewed the cocain-leaves as tradition, but now we are telling you ki it is illegal. Don’t ask why illegal and all. If you want means stay, else go out. To hell with your tradition.

UN itself telling. Better you pay attention. Otherwise you will become history.

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