The Local Tea Party

The pen is mightier than the sword and all ok, but don't try to fight with a pen. Otherwise there will be ink all over you.

What sort of a neighbour are you? You only. On one hand you are talking freedom of expression, right to do this and that, but on the other hand you are not allowing the kids to play cricket with other kids in the apartment means what is this logic? Where the kids will go? In their playing area, you have put up parking lots with numbers. Then? The kids have to break glasses only. No choice.

See boss, your father had some issues with your neighbour means, you will shout at the kids also is it? What wrong they did yaar? Let them play as they want.

Arey, the world is overtaking us and running like a mad dog in Indian summer. Still you are saying ki people from such and such area are bad, that locality kids are all evil fellows, is it? Still you are asking your kids “What play is needed with those kids?”. Arey! Wake up man. Let them talk to those kids, play with them. Then only they will understand ki what the real world is made of. Besides, you yourself know, there only beautiful girls are there. Here…

Boss, your house, you have to be proud, agreed. For that you don’t have to go around all the houses and shout, “My house only awesome, my house only best” etc, ok? Keep that feeling to yourself inside your house. Outside, give respect take respect.

By the way, what you are best? You anyway are not cleaning your house itself. You are outsourcing it to housemaid. If at all you clean, only the hall is clean. Once you go inside the bedroom means you will know. How much clothes you are stuffing in that cupboard and locking it nicely. Open it once and all the clothes will fall off like waterfall. Once in a while you will put naphthalene balls in between the clothes means, that’s all is it? When will the actual cleaning happen boss?!

And anyway, still you are stealing food from the fridge in your own house in the nights only! And best is you have some standard people to put the blame on. If something goes wrong or something is missing means immediately you are blaming the housemaid only. “I think it is the maid. She only will do such things..”, like that you are saying.

Some good thing happening in your neighbour’s house means take part in it. Don’t simply close the door and watch TV. You will only miss the wonderful food they are cooking. If they are in trouble means try to help. Instead, you also don’t shout at them like one lord, ok? Now only the apartment secretary will come and say ki “Boss, your behaviour is unacceptable. You are bringing and talking to people we don’t like. We are going to impose sanctions on you. You have not paid maintenance fees also, we will cut off the water supply”. Don’t join chorus music with him. Use your brains from time to time and do what is right.

How many years you are going to live? In those years, why you want to behave like this? Boss, money will come today, go tomorrow. This house that you live in no, you think it will still be like this 500 years from now?

How old is your house? Before you built this house you know what it was? And 500 years before that? It would have been some beautiful farmland. Or some dry forest that no one would have even wanted to stop on the way and do one bathroom, who knows?

Suddenly real estate became valuable now means don’t think it will be like this forever. You think this boundary wall will be the same 500 years from now? If you still say yes means, better you consult a doctor.

So go out and be a good tenant. Ask your grandparents. They have lived in bigger house. It just was not called India at that time.

Now multiply this by one billion.

Happy Independence Day.

3 years ago
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