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The pen is mightier than the sword and all ok, but don't try to fight with a pen. Otherwise there will be ink all over you.

Full confusion only. One minute everything is happy and the next minute the world looks like it is going to end. I think I want to pull my hair.

See, India beat Pakistan. Everybody (I mean some people in India, maybe some in Pakistan also) is celebrating. Then immediately they are showing some protest rally where some people are demanding a separate state and all. See now you tell whether to celebrate or feel sorry?

Whenever we are celebrating means, you are putting all the guilt in the head and saying ‘How can you celebrate when so much atrocities are happening around you?’. Immediately I am losing all the high.

I don’t know boss. From the childhood this only big problem. When I am laughing out loudly means, the parents people are telling ‘Don’t laugh too much. Don’t laugh loudly. Don’t laugh like that. Don’t laugh. Tomorrow you will cry. Etc etc’ means how? I think that is why secretly they invented short forms like lol, rofl and all so that it is not appearing like we are actually laughing too much. Tell me something, if I am crying too much means whether anyone is coming and telling ‘Don’t cry too much, tomorrow you will end up laughing out loud. Be careful!’? No na? Then? Why this partiality against laughter?

Anyway. But why I should not do that is my only question. I should not have total fun itself, is it? ‘Do you know how many people are suffering in the world right now? Have you ever thought of it?’ you are asking .

Correct boss, even I am angry at all the bullshit happening in the world. I will even go out of my way to make a difference and like a page and forward SMS to 11 people within 24 hours. But what more you want me to do? And more importantly why you are telling me all this only when I am happy and jolly? Your only aim is to make me feel guilty is it? How can you expect one person be concerned about so many things in the world?

See, just now everybody got angry about corruption and did protest march and all. I also got angry. Just watching all that itself made me tired. Then some nuclear based protest happened and I again got angry. Then some demand for separate sta..arey! How many times to get angry yaar? Give some rest, no? Sometimes I must also be happy and take a break na? Absolutely no concern about the world, you are accusing. Even if I care, for that also you will say, ‘Oho, suddenly you are an expert in this topic, is it? Where were you all these days?’ Boss, first you decide what you want to accuse me of.

Yes, the world is full of problems only. Something is happening somewhere and you want us to do something about it means what to do? Who will look after our families? We are also middle-class people only no?

For that only we have elected and put certain people in certain places to do certain things. If they are not doing their jobs, and you want us to take action against them because they are not taking any action against the atrocity means who will do my job here? Whether you will come and do? What logic is this?

Ok, agreed. I am not buying products that are using child labour. I am not encouraging cruelty to animals. I am not spoiling the environment. I am not cheating. I am not stealing. I am putting vote in all the elections. I am paying my taxes regularly. Still what more you want me to do?

We are also having so many problems in life, ok? Severe water shortage in our apartment. Everyday we have to wake up early to store water. And then they are plucking away electricity every day, hiding it somewhere and giving it back just before we die, so that they can play this game with us for one more day. Back problem is coming because of terrible roads. Elevator is not working properly. Cafeteria food is so horrible.

Now you tell me who is protesting on my behalf for all this? Head is going to explode only.

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