The Local Tea Party

The pen is mightier than the sword and all ok, but don't try to fight with a pen. Otherwise there will be ink all over you.

Boss, you are looking in the wrong place. Then you are simply coming and complaining this city is useless, this city is not having this, this city is not having that and all. See every city has its problems ok?

If you go to a new city means immediately you start complaining. Agreed boss, it is not like your city and is full of shit. Cow shit, goat shits, human shit and lots of crow shit. Everywhere you go it smells of bathroom. The river looks like bathroom itself. But why you are looking at the appearance only I don’t understand?

Right boss, agreed. The transport system is ridiculous. No one can travel without looking like Albert Einstein.  Just like him, everybody’s doing mental calculations only. Of their EMIs. What they will do? Poor fellows.

See, like any gift, a city is also nicely wrapped in multiple layers ok?

You are looking at the wrapping paper and passing comments means not acceptable. Some people buy expensive wrapping paper and tie colourful ribbon and all but inside will be one useless gift item like alarm timepiece. Boss who even uses timepiece these days?

First of all you don’t understand the concept of time itself properly. You want to roam around the streets in the night means, ok, your wish, democratic country, you do whatever you want. But simply you are coming and asking, ‘Where is the night life, where is the night life?’ means go to hell. Arey, others have to sleep no? Always complaining ‘The city shuts down so early, all shops are closed so early’ and this and that. Shopkeepers don’t have family or what? They are also humans no? For you they will have to keep the shop open all through the night is it?

Best is you will go ‘Uff, this city is so hot!’. As if we requested the sun to burn us. Boss, what to do? Geography. That’s all.

And the complaining against the food. No, don’t even get me started.

Boss issue is very simple. That is why I am saying you are looking in the wrong places. All your clubs and pubs and bars and other alcohol related problems are genuine only, agreed. Decent places to hang out is also not there, that also agreed. But these things do not make a city no?

What truly makes a city is its people, right?

Before you say stupid things about the city, ask yourself some of these questions

Are the people always watching your back? (Pun intended, unfortunate, ignorable)

The neighbour aunty is nosy, agreed. She will ask you where you are going but she is also asking whether you had dinner and if you say no means she will happily offer to give whatever she cooked, right?

You can comfortably give your house keys to her and go out (and no she will not open your house when you are gone) and she will even collect your milk packets and keep it in her fridge for you, no?

If you visit somebody’s house means they insist you eat and go no? Will they let you go without making you eat at least one biscuit?

Some neighbour kid from some apartment in the building will come and give you a chocolate and say it is his birthday, right? You don’t even know who it is but you still take it and wish him no?

Whether families are waking up early, cooking, dropping the kids in the school and then driving god-knows-how-far to work? Are they taking their kids to the beach and parks to play on the weekends?

If two people are fighting in the street like mad dogs means there are still some good souls that are interfering and doing the match referee work no?

Grandparents and grandchildren are still living in the same house right?

If you are leaving the city means people are feeling sad and they are wishing you will come back again no?

If you say yes to any of these means then what is your problem boss?

Relax. You are living in a special city. A city full of ordinary people.

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