The Local Tea Party

The pen is mightier than the sword and all ok, but don't try to fight with a pen. Otherwise there will be ink all over you.

My best friend Guru was going to break the glass and jump out of the Cafe Coffee Day building. I almost let him do it.

Why because I will also do the same. You also want to do the same thing I know.

Then what man? Whenever and wherever you go, people are asking only one thing. When you are getting married, when you are getting married. Arey! Getting married is the sole purpose of having born in this planet, is it? And if we tell the age means, the reaction is even stupid. ‘Oh you are so old and you are not married yet? Why? Any problem you have?’ like that you are asking. You are reacting as if he is having some terminal illness like cancer or AIDS. Any problem YOU have? I want to ask.

Especially the parents people. They are giving so many warning sounds like ‘Every day you waste, your chance of getting married becomes less and less. You have to do certain things in certain age’. Arey, what is this?

You are talking as if we are some bananas that should be eaten at the right time! If we delay means our skin will turn black and peel off or something, like that you are speaking and scaring?

Especially the poor fellows working in other countries. If one fellow is coming from the abroad on holiday to India means there are only two reasons. First reason is ‘Property Registration’ in the suburban area and the second is a guided tour of visiting potential life partner.

My god, within 5 days you want to see 10 people and choose one and immediately seal the deal! Boss, even credit card takes 21 working days to reach home. You want to fix marriage in 5 days?

You know what is the best joke? If you reject the first one means, the parents will put one scene no, uff. Too much. Like as if you have committed one blasphemy they will react. ‘If you do like this means you will never get married. You must not have such high expectations. You have to be realistic.’ and what and all advice they give! They want to finish off their responsibilities, like that they are saying.

I agree yaar, ki, they have worked all their life and now they want to relax and live with no tension and all. We also want to see our parents enjoy retired life. But for that why they want to put so much blackmail only I don’t understand.

You are putting so much drama and telling, ‘Father is getting old and his health problems are also there. What if “something happens to him” without seeing your marriage?’. Like this and all you will say means what to do?

This is like saying ‘If you don’t kill yourself now, I will die. Now you choose what you want to do’.

The kids are not saying they will not marry, no? They are only saying ki, they will marry when they are ready to spend the rest of their lives with one person. What is wrong in asking for more time? And then you are asking, how much time you want? 1 month? 2 months? Arey!

Best is the married friends. These fellows will not keep quiet, ok? See, already he is having so much complications because he got married. He has to put his child to school next year, already paying the home loan, personal loan, credit card bill and car loan and in short, leading a shitty life.

On top of that he will come to the house and say ki ‘When you are going to put wedding food man? Aunty, why your son is not getting married? If you delay like this means that’s all’, like that he will light fire and go away. Bloody fellow. Why he is coming to the house only I never understand.

Best comedy is, if you keep delaying, parents will keep relaxing their conditions. First they will put condition ki only arranged marriage you should do. Then after some years they will agree ki they will allow love marriage but only within the same community. And then after few more years, total relaxation, ‘Boss, you bring some person, we will get you married. Just bring someone, ok?’

Arey! When we are having high school and college crush you will shout at us and totally prevent from making even one landline call to that girl’s house. Now you are saying bring anyone, but just get married.

Every person will automatically know when they are ready for marriage. If someone is getting old and not getting married means society will think bad it seems. Who is that society? Bring that fellow here. We will talk to him. Or her. Whether they have any logic behind age and marriage I want to understand. Who decides who is young and who is old?

Boss, we are all human beings yaar. We are having something that no other living thing has. We are having something called soul. This body only will become old. How young the soul inside is, that only matters. 


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    The best line is - This is like saying ‘If you don’t kill yourself now, I will die. Now you choose what you want to do’.
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    OH LORD. I do not really know the prevailance of this topic across the world but it is a rather un-addressed...
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    Or else thassal ok.
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    Funny take on the marriage question. My favorite bit: Thanks @bhuminasta for the share!
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    You should get married soon. Or else..
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