The Local Tea Party

The pen is mightier than the sword and all ok, but don't try to fight with a pen. Otherwise there will be ink all over you.

Boss, what 100 days 100 days? I don’t understand. We have seen so many centuries ok? We celebrate every time 100 is reached. So this time also we will celebrate. Agreed boss, Manipur has faced ONE HUNDRED days of economic blockade. So what?

After all it is in some stupid corner of the country that sends only 2 MPs to Parliament. For that what you expect? That the entire government will run to help is it? Silly fellow. How many MPs in the Parliament, that much only value they get.

See, these Nagas and Kukis are having some old family problems. The Kuki people are asking ki boss, we are majority in Sadar Hills in Manipur, so you create one separate district for us. Otherwise we will put economic blockade in the state. Like that they said and blocked the National Highway. Then the state government agreed and suddenly the Naga fellows said ki, boss if you put separate district means, we will block the highway!

Arey! You have a fight means, you go and kill each other somewhere else yaar, why you are blocking our economy? Like that the rest of the Manipuris are asking.

See these Manipuri fellows are also crazy fellows ok. For so many years they are asking only. If nobody is listening to them anyway, why they keep on asking I don’t understand. That lady Irom Sharmila, like one silly woman, she is fasting for so many years to remove the AFSPA. Anything happened? No na? Then why they keep asking?

The Manipuri women tried walking without dress also because Army people are raping them. You remember? All the press people took the photographs and then they printed it all over the place and all. And then nothing happened.

Then why these Manipuris are expecting something to happen this time also? Boss, the Central government is too busy ok? Just now the scandal drama and all stopped and Anna Hazare is silent and Prime Minister has gone underground for a few days. Again you want to call him and solve this means how he will do?

Arey, ok, petrol is costing Rs. 200 per litre in Manipur. Fine. Agreed. But what to do? The government is busy talking to Mamata Banerjee na! She is blackmailing the government because petrol price was increased by ONE rupee yesterday. Now you itself tell, which is more important? Then how can government focus on Manipur yaar? It also has other things to do no? Like staying in government etc etc.

This is not new for any government no? Some fellow will keep asking for separate state or separate district. They will put bandh and all. You remember the Gurjar caste people who wanted Scheduled Tribe status? Government is too experienced in tackling such issues. You should leave it to them and not write silly blog posts.

Anyway why they are agitating no one is bothered. Arey, they want better jobs, not poverty, better standards of living etc. Our country famous policy is if you put violence means they will listen. So only instead of asking for these things directly, they are putting all the blockade and bandh and doing all the other nonsense things. But government is thinking ki we will happily pass one bill and then go and tell ki, ‘We have met the demands of the people, please vote please vote’.

See, these things will keep happening. We only should look the other way and pretend nothing is happening. Better these Northeast people get out of their state and go to other states. We also need some entertainment no? We can pass nice comments at them.

Anyway, tomorrow we will be meeting these Manipuri people and calling them Nepalis. Or Chinkis. Why we should care?

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