The Local Tea Party

The pen is mightier than the sword and all ok, but don't try to fight with a pen. Otherwise there will be ink all over you.

Everybody is affected by these fellows. Wherever you go these guys are there. Arey, if they are at least good you can look at them, but you can easily count the number of good ones using one finger itself. These bad advertisements when I see them no, I simply want to kill the guy who created it.

Boss either you be like Doordarshan ads. Say something and go away. At least don’t put scene. Or you create better advertisements. Don’t try to come and tell bull shit to us ok? We can easily find out.

What you are saying? If the man puts the deodorant and goes means all the girls will drop their clothes and run behind him is it? What nonsense concept is this yaar? Have you seen this happen anywhere in this world? Then how you expect it to happen in a conservative and traditional and deeply cultured country like India, I don’t understand. Ridiculous fellow.

How much story you are telling? Some girls will come out of the sea, some girls will fall from the sky and some girls even come and bite the men is it? Best is, you are telling ki if I put the deodorant means even neighbour girl will take off her dress in the smell. Bloody, if I put that deodorant means, even I myself cannot smell it after 10 seconds, where will neighbour girl smell it?

Also, there is no neighbour girl concept in this world. That you know? Has there ever been a single eligible neighbour girl living next door to a single eligible neighbour guy? Whose ears you are trying to keep flowers?

But still, men are trying only. Just in case. Who wants to miss the opportunity yaar?

Hello ladies, you too. Don’t just laugh at men for this. How many times you are believing the ad and putting the Clearasil and Fair and Lovely and all the other one million items on your skin and hair? Has anything changed even one bit? No!

Forget the deodorants, even the car fellows are worst. Boss you car guys have lot of money yaar! Why can’t you make some nice ads? You have brought in so much money from Korea but still you can’t create one good ad is it? All your ads are absolute nonsense crap. We are only seeing Shahrukh Khan open his arms and smile as if KKR is winning the IPL. But what you are trying to tell nobody understands.

You want one strategy to increase your sales using advertisement? I will give one advice. Don’t give any advertisement. Seeing your ad, even people who want to buy your car will run away.

You remember that chocolate ad in the 90s? One fellow will hit six and his girl friend will dodge the policeman and dance in the ground like a small girl? Ad means it should be like that. It shows one happy moment which is a simple pleasure of life. Simple and nice ad.

Instead why you want to confuse everybody including yourself? You keep on asking ‘Have I made it large?’ ‘Have I made it large?’! If you itself don’t know means how others will know? Boss first of all you tell what product you are selling?  How such stupid ads are getting approval itself I don’t understand!

I can only think of one explanation only for all of this: The ad guy must be some fellow from B-School with initials in its name. Ditto for the client guy. Both these fellows are smoking up some banned substance. One fellow says some nonsense concept for ad. The other fellow thinks it is brilliant. That’s all.

What you think of us? That we will watch whatever you put is it?

But we are watching only. What to do? That only is the problem.

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